One of the best things about life in fandom is collecting all the merchandise. Sadly, many people selling such memorabilia are much more passionate about money than the actual value of the source. We do things differently.

We are a shop offering a broad selection of anime, video games, TV shows and lots of other kinds of merchandise. Whether you’re searching for collectible figurines, posters, bags, toys, action figures or board games, you will find everything you need at our shop. DOKI DOKI was born from the passion of a few dedicated fans. We take great interest in the goods we sell and we know exactly what collectors are looking for.

As you probably know DOKI DOKI is an onomatopoeia for heartbeat. It can be explained as: it’s when you confess your feelings to your beloved one for the first time. It’s when you’re about to open the letter from university to see if you pass. It’s when you going first day to new school/job. It’s the sound of your heart pounding with full of hope and anxiety mixed together. It’s a sign of adolescence if you heard this sound just by standing next to your favourite boy/girl. For us is also that feeling you get every time you follow your desire, your own passion. Our mission is to spread anime culture around the globe. Join us!

Made for fans, by fans, Doki Doki is the perfect place for all your shopping sprees. ​